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Welcome to Citysymbol Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

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CMD Message

Network marketing is a new business concept in India. It is fast growing trade of the business world. Now it is being consider that the turn over of network business will left back to the turn over of traditional business till 2020. There are unlimited possibilities to reduce unemployment. It has power to make people happy & prosperous. .........


Your dreams

  • To earn extra income.
  • Car and house.
  • A Better lifestyle of your choice.
  • Travel around the country.
  • To have a healthy and happy life.
  • Enable your children to receive higher education.
  • To achieve success and recognition.
  • To be independent financially.

Have your dreams, come true?

  • Labour Group

    Those who perform labour intensive work with no prospect of changing their work.Has limited opportunity to grow No chance of better lifestyle.

  • Office Group

    Work 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Wage earner with ordinary lifestyle. Fate controlled by others. Fixed salary with limited increament.

  • Traditional Businessmen Group

    Requiring four factors: Capital, Capabilities, Experience, Oneself. Heavy investment both in money and time with no guarantee of success. Can not afford to fail.

  • Dynamic Networking Group

    By investing your time you can further increase your income. The more successful you get, the more freedom you have. Building your business and human relationship. Enjoy a sense of achievement, satisfaction and happiness in business.

Why is network marketing being most widely accepted?

 Your Own Business  Your Future Lies In Your Own Hand  Personal Achievement
 Unlimited Income  Inheritable Business  Achieve Your Dreams Earlier
 Small Investment Big Return  No Risk Of Investment  Manage Your Own Time

Congratulations!                You have made the smart choice to join CSM Business a dyanamic Group.